This is Color Push

A collaborative experiment by WeTransfer and Zach Lieberman

People around the world are creating these artworks. Tap to make your own.

Hit SPACE Tap here to download
Hit C to start over
Time's up in 10!

Click aroundTouch and drag your cursor

You have 90 seconds to do your thing

You can also turn on your camera
for hands-free color pushing

You won't see your own face and neither will we, it just follows your movements and won't record video

D’oh! We couldn’t access your camera

Turn it on in your browser settings, or just use your mouse or trackpadtouch around instead.

Get moving

Make slow movements with your head and hands.

It's beautiful!

Save your work
Create another

Please tag us @WeTransfer if you share your Color Push artwork.
We’d love to see it! #colorpush

You can try again any time at

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